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Todays Bangla started their mission on 2010 with having its limited arena but day by day the official increased their database with different types of information. The mission of this site is to reach information from every sector to all walks of people. The official of this site doesn’t consider it as their own property rather it’s the surface of each and every visitor and well wisher. People are well appreciated to participate in any section for greater interest. Also don’t forget to visit our services as we consider it as social work. Feel free to contact with us with suggestion, criticism anything. Your respond will be highly evaluated and appreciated.


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we assure your internet connection satisfaction. we always trying to support our client with perfect information.

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We have strong web developing Team who can understand your choice and bring you perfect advice about webpages .

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we provide all kind of software ,- Business, accounts.  ETC

Computer Servicing

we are provide home or Office Computer troubleshooting with expert Team .

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